Although I am an illustrator, I am still attentive to the service aspect of the illustration business. You're not just looking for a good illustration, you're looking for good service: a product that's made to your specs, delivered on time, easy to adapt to your uses, and created by a person who's reliable.

Here are some of the many services I offer while creating illustrations for you:

  • I can post your illustrations onto a secure webpage so that you can easily view the in-progress work. If you'd like to see an example, take a look at the project pages for this Dolphin Log illustration.
    (Username: "demo" Password: "demo").
  • You can send comments on sketches via email, to guarantee fast feedback (and save on those phone bills!).
  • My illustrations are created directly on the computer with programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. No scanning, no lost originals, no fuss, no muss!
  • Since they are created on the computer, I can provide your illustrations in a myriad of electronic file formats for Mac or PC, saving you time otherwise spent editing and converting.
  • I can send finished illustrations to you via the Internet or on disk, whichever saves you more time and effort.

Interested? Give me a call at 215-362-1586, and we can discuss what graphic solution best fits your project's needs.