Dolphin Log Magazine:  Earth Day Board Game Sketches

Here is the sketch for the Dolphin Log Earth Day Game Board illustration. I created a test spread in Quark, to make sure your copy would fit (the header and intro in the tree leaves, the instructions to the left of the tree) was pretty good. I will be making a few modifications to make it even better, once I start on the next stage.

I chose to illustrate the game spaces that could easily take place in a park, to help unify the illustration: throwing a gum wrapper on the ground, helping friends clean up a park, helping parents plant a tree. I placed these vignettes so that you'll have flexibility to place the corresponding copy. Hopefully, that way it'll be easier to create a fun, working, game!

I'm aiming for a Spring theme, with spring flowers appearing in various places (tulips, daffodils, daisies, croci). There are also a variety of different races and both genders depicted (the family planting the tree are from India, for example, with the mother wearing a sari).

Let me know what you think!

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